Colonel Adept Stoyan Jarov

Your Boss


Colonel Adept Stoyan Jarov is the commander of the motley Special Operations Service of the Highborn Covenant. He is a talented warcaster, specializing in misdirection and hit and run tactics. Given that Llael’s forces are always outnumbered and ill equipped compared to its enemies these talents have proved vital in allowing the alliance of expatriated nobles that would become the Highborn Covenant to escape Llael. He does not have the kind of reputation that most warcasters enjoy and he prefers it that way. He’d rather his enemies never know that he even existed and cares not for the acclaim his deeds might earn among his allies.

Following the evacuation, he let his temper and his patriotism get the better of him and launched an assassination attempt against the traitorous Prime Minister Glabryn. Unfortunately for him, Glabryn was in a meeting with the commanders of the invasion, including Supreme Kommandant Irusk. Colonel Jarov barely managed to escape, his broken body carried to safety by his personal warjack, Carter.

He lost an eye, a leg and an arm from that debacle, although really the wounds only matter to him in that they keep him from fighting to retake his country. Thanks to the recent alliance with the Cult of Cyriss, he is being fitted with state of the art prosthetics and will be conducting harassment operations on Khadoran forces once his mobility is restored while still overseeing the SOS’s resource acquisition operations.

Colonel Adept Stoyan Jarov

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