Shadows of Resistance (Tentative Name)

Post Necrofactorium Missions

These missions will be available after the Necrofactorium has been dealt with.

The fortress Ravensguard is a cornerstone of Khadoran military operations. Its cannons and massive garrison prevent Cygnaran forces from launching strikes into Khador or to liberate Llael. Now is finally the time to make use of the Cyrrissist’s technical aids to turn the tide against Khador. You will be infiltrating the fortress and destroying their powder supply, likely carving two massive holes in the fortress, forcing the Khadorans to abandon it.

The ultimate goal of the Highborn Covenant is to restore the monarchy of Llael as an independent nation. Obviously, to do this we need a king. The popular choices are Lord General Vladirov and the Archduke of Rhydden, but both of them have indicated they don’t want the job. Anastasia Di Bray, an agent of the Unseen Hand, has located a surviving son of the late king posing as a naval officer in Five Fingers. Your mission is to find him and escort him to Corvis.

Asheth Magnus, Cygnar’s second most wanted criminal (after Vinter Raelthorne himself) has been sighted in the outlaw town of Ternon Crag. Determine what he is doing there and either sabotage his operations or capture him.


I’d like to either bring down Ravensguard or Magnus, but that’s just me.

Post Necrofactorium Missions

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