Shadows of Resistance (Tentative Name)

Job Options

Now that you have acquired allies whose forces when consolidated with the highborn will be a considerable force, what is needed is to acquire other resources and disrupt the Khadorans while prepping for the major offensive.

Colonel Jarov offers the following missions.

Lord General Alreg Vladirov, Archduke of New Umbrey and the finest tactician in Llael was missing and presumed dead after the battle of Laedry. An agent of the Unseen Hand recently reported that the Lord General is in fact a prisoner in the Skirov Khardstadt, and that the Khadorans are not aware of how valuable a prisoner they have. Beyond his skill as a general, his rescue and participation in the resistance would likely serve to galvanize the citizens of New Umbrey.

A bandit by the name of Aramel has offered us the opportunity to rob a Khadoran supply train. He has apparently insinuated his men into the train’s crew and would like our assistance in robbing the train. In return for his logistical assistance we would allow him to keep any items that are not Llaelese treasures or military goods and also agree to give him a full pardon for past transgressions. It should be noted his greed has led to him botching many of his previous robbery attempts.

Vyctor offers the following missions.

Rhul has indicated that as long as Khador allows their trade to travel to Cygnar they will not be entering the current war. In order to herd them along in that path, I propose we disguise ourselves as Khadorans and attack Rhulic barges on the Black River. This would increase tensions and likely lead to military action by the dwarves.

The Butcher has been left idle in Laedry due to his brutality and tendency to lose himself and completely obliterate everyone when attacking. He seethes with barely contained anger at all times, in particular against those who have been cruel to women. To that end, I propose that we beat the wife of Posadnik Jorak Millianov of Laedry and frame him for it. This would likely result in the Butcher going insane and attacking Millianov’s home or HQ. Even with the Posadnik’s guards the Butcher would likely be able to burst through and kill him greatly weakening the occupation’s hold.



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